Fabio Weik // Milan 1984.

Graffiti Writer since 1997 and contemporary artist. Active exponent of the TDK crew, an Italian national historic graffiti crew, and founder of the Interplay crew, he participated in important urban projects, both in Italy and abroad, working closely with local authorities and international foundations related to Urban Art projects and regeneration. His underground identity remains alive in the streets and in his study of the lettering, but his desire to communicate with not just the underground public of graffiti pushed him to get closer to more institutional environments by experimenting with contemporary visual art media
The work of Fabio Weik reflects the current historical context and contemporary society dominated by mass media and television. Using symbols and popular icons, an artistic language based on the high pace of the message plus the conflicting aspects of the subjects represented, Weik’s paintings, videos and site-specific installations, are introspective at times but always with social references. The experimental techniques and the use of non-conventional materials such as acids, glass, powder, chalk and common objects contribute to displacing the viewer triggering a process of identification and reflection on the work’s themes.
His first artworks on isothermal blankets were presented in December 2018 during the exhibition “Basquiat, la Street Italiana e le Visioni metropolitane ” in Piacenza (Italy). His production ranges from metropolitan areas to public and private spaces, to the canvases, right up to high fashion. In 2009 he draws and intervenes on the garments of the A / MISSONI men’s collection thus establishing an original collaboration with Angela Missoni and her designers which turned into a friendship.
He is still collaborating with famous designers and embroiderers, such as Graziano Giordani, in a continuous research and testing of production with innovative materials. In 2010 his solo show Synergies at Fabbrica Borroni imposes his artistic vision, presenting controversial installations and paintings, attracting the attention of the mass media for the addressed issues.
By partnering with Theseus gallery in Milan, he exhibits in various art fairs (Affordable Art Fair, MIART), at the Milan Triennale and the Design Museum. In 2013 he started working with Cold Krash, Australian gallery, and the consequent exhibitions in events organized by private collectors in Sydney.
In 2014 he moved to Dubai where he participated to ART DUBAI and international graffiti events like STREET ART NIGHT. His personal “HORSES HEART” attracted the attention of the royal family Al Maktoum who acquired some works for their own private collection. He then began to work with galleries and museums in the UAE. In 2015 he was invited to create an installation for the China pavilion at WATERS 2015 an event hosted by the Venice Biennale in association with EXPO2015. He currently lives between Milan and Dubai, where he also works as an artistic director of cultural events. He works and is represented by galleries in Milan, Dubai, Beijing, Marrakech, Stockholm, New York, Paris, Spain and Australia.


2020 “-BALLA!” site specific installation, Ride Milano Gallery, curated by Valentina Bizzotto, Giuseppe Iavicoli

2019 “Ermeneutica Cap.I”, LEÀ curated by Valentina Bizzotto, Milan

2015 “OPERE PLURALI”, Giordani Gallery curated by Ottavio Tozzo, Milan (Two-Person Exhibition with sculptor by Giuliano Giuliani)

2015  “WEIK”, VISION GALLERY , VisionTower DUBAI

2014  “Hourses HeART”, IBC Art Gallery in Dubai International Horse Fair

2013 “IV Art Contemporary Exhibition” for Fondazione Premio Centro, Orsini Palace, Viterbo Italy curated by Paolo Berti

2013 “I giovedì del Daverio”, Philippe Daverio’s House curated by Elena Gregori Daverio and Marco Teseo (Teseo gallery)

2013  “MADinITALY”, Enim Artists gallery, Blanca, Spain

2012 “Hearts Bones and Indifference”, 9visionsart gallery Peschiera del Garda Italy

2011 “MEDIA RELIQUIAE”, XL COMBINES gallery, art-design district Milan Italy curated by    Giuseppe Iavicoli.

2010 “Sinergie”, Fabbrica Borroni contemporary museum, Milan Italy, Biennale Nord Ovest Milano curated by Doct. Fiordalice Sette

2010 “Teste nel pallone” A.C. Milan point gallery ( privat event for  A.C. MILAN soccer team) curated by Valentina Laneve

2010 “Start-up”, Museo Fotografia Contemporanea, Cinisello Balsamo, curated by Matteo Balduzzi

2010 “Atelier24ore” (Milano), Setspace gallery, curated by Valentina Laneve.

2009 “Spray”, 9visionsart gallery, Verona Italy curated by Nicolò Sandri.


2018 “UN-FRAMED”, Unframed urban art Gallery, Heerlen Holand curated by Montana Cans

2017 “KVADRART”, Wallery Gallery Stockholm Sweden curated by Jimmie Chrishall

2016 “Diffusione di Materia”, Martina’s Gallery Milan curated by Martina Corbetta

2015 “NO URBAN”, Vision Gallery Milan curated by Fabio Weik, (best Italy graffuturism exhibition)

2015 “Scusate il Disturbo”, PAC Contemporary art Pavilon Milan curated by IL VOLO foundation and auction by Sotheby’s, (best Italy graffuturism exhibition)

2015 “MAPS TILL YOU DROP”, Street Art Gallery, Dubai

2015 “Mostra d’arte contemporanea”, Casacanditella Municipality Palace,curated by Michele di Giuseppe and Paolo Berti.

2015 “ITINERE”, Orsini Palace, Viterbo Italy, curated by Paolo Berti

2015 “LO SPIRITO DELLE DONNE”, Orsini Palace, Viterbo Italy curated by Paolo Berti and Vittoria Gallery (Rome-Italy)

2015 “CORNER DESIGN”, spazio VOGH, Milan Design Week, Milan Italy curated by Giuseppe Iavicoli

2014 “Idee nel vento”, Several urban artists and illustrators of national importance have painted a series of sails creating an exhibition Giant / traveling alone will bring you around the seas with wind energy, San Benedetto del Tronto Italy curated by Enrico Testino and Fabio Weik

2014 “PRISM”, COLD KRUSH gallery, Unley, SA, Australia

2013 “MADinITALY”, Enim Artists gallery, Blanca, Spain

2013 “DART HUMAN FENER”, Combinens XL gallery, Milan Italy, curated by Giuseppe Iavicoli
2013  “XXxXX (20×20)”, Studio D’Ars gallery, Milan Italy

2013 “BASILIO CASCELLA Prize”, Castello del Verginese “Delizia Estense”, Portomaggiore , Ferrara.

2013 “Loverismo”, Spazio Bugatti gallery curated by Giuseppe Iavicoli
2012 and 2011 “BEYOND THE CITY WALLS”, Orsini’s Catle curated by Fabio Weik e Michele Wad Caporossi

2012 “Muti arcani”, Combine XL Gallery(MI), BR1 Gallery(PE), Pow Gallery(TO) curated by Alessandro Icardi

2012 “Inside Marilyn”, Combine XL Gallery(MI), BR1 Gallery(PE), Pow Gallery(TO) curated by Alessandro Icardi

2012 “How do you feel Today?” Antemprima art temporary Museum, Bari Italy curated by Michele Wad

2011 “Il Linguaggio del Corpo”, Atena gallery, Como Italy, curated by Silvia Ceffa

2011 “La percezione del vuoto”, Spazio Moderno, Arona Italy, curated by Silvia Ceffa

2011  “FIAT 500 Contemporary art meeting”, SPAZIO CONCEPT, Milan Italy, curated by Giuseppe Iavicoli

2011  “Writing Stone”, Bottega Alta gallery, Brescia Italy, curated by Stradarte

2011 “Street Players”, San Siro Museum, Milan Italy, curated by Alessandro Mantovani

2010 “Design for Charity”, Triennale di Milano, Design Museum, Milan Italy

2010  “AAM-Arte Accessibile Milano”, Spazio Eventiquattro, curated by Tiziana Manca

2010  “BEYOND THE CITY WALLS”, Palazzo Orsini curated by Valentina Laneve and Fabio Weik

2009  “Tuscia Deliziosa”, Palazzo Orsini,  curated by Paolo Berti

2009 “HUMAN RIGHTS”, Fondazione Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto Italy curated by Roberto Ronca

2009 “Start up”, Renato Birolli Gallery,  curated by Roberto Ronca

2009  “anni00”, Famiglia Margini Gallery curated by Angelo Cruciani & Grace Zanotto

2009 “artefutura” tour exibition in Sicilia

2009 “Urban Painting XMAS” group exhibition Spazio Concept (catalog) , Milan Italy

2006 “Street art Sweet art”, PAC (contemporary art pavilion Milan) curated by Alessandro Riva.

2006  “TVTB”, Civic Museum, Monza (catalog) curated by Francesca Guerisoli .


2014 Centre Price, Italian Contemporary art, Viterbo Milano, curated by Paolo Berti

2010 Ar(t)cevia (Arcevia) International Art Festival, Palazzo dei Priori (catalog) a curated by Massimiliano Nicotra

2010 Concorso SATURARTE (Genova) Associazione Culturale Satura (catalog)

2010 Concorso SOGNANDO IL FUTURO (Coccaglio BS) – 1°place


2017 KVADRART, Wallery Gallery Stockholm Sweden curated by Jimmie Chrishall

2017 Public Art Commission, INTERPLAY vs POMODORO, large-scale painting on the wall (20m X 10m), spray, City of Milan Italy, curated by Astronaut srl for Cross Over event.

2016  Rocket Spiral, large-scale painting and interior design, Rocket Milano

2016  Public Art Commission, CREATIVITY, large-scale painting on the canvas (10m x 3m), spray and metal glitter, art week DUBAI UAE by Etisalat

2015  Public Art Commission, LIFE, large-scale painting on the wall (20m X 10m), spray and metal glitter, City of Genoa Italy, curated by Enrico Testino

2014  Public Art Commission, ARIA, large-scale painting on the wall (9m X 4m), spray, City of Massa Carrara Italy.

2013 Public Art Commission, “Puoi discutere della vita dopo aver letto il romanzo dei Tre Regni”, large-scale painting on the wall on water (8m X 3m)), spray, WATER JAM, FAM NAVIGLIO WATER FESTIVAL, Milan Italy.

2012 Public Art Commission, COR, large-scale painting on the wall (25m X 4m)), spray, BAM Bergolo Museum, Levice Italy.

2011 Public Art Commission, NATURA MEDIA RESTI, large-scale painting on the metal (24m X 4m)), spray, SAM STREET ART MUSEUM, Turin Italy.

2010 Public Art Commission, 1st place SOGNANDO IL FUTURO award, large-scale painting on the wall (300m2), spray, historical center of the town of Coccaglio BS.

2010 Public Art Commission, interplay anatomy, large-scale painting on the wall (6m x 12 m), spray, Writers alla Ribalta, Milano, curated by galleria Arte2

2009 Public Art Commission, MY NAME IS,, large-scale painting on the wall (6m x 16 m), spray, TRIENNALE DI MILANO museum, Milano (Bovisa)



2010 ENVIRONMENT FORNITURE Fabio Weik ft Jean-Marie Massaud .

2010 DUCATIMILLE re design for interior design





STREETNIGHT (DUBAI UAE) graffito in Busines Bay, international street culture event

OVERLINE JAM (Salerno) international graffiti event

DESIGN WEEK (Milano) live painting for “Puzzle one planet” Meeting of styles
IM NOT FASHION VICTIM (Milano) public art performance Fabio Weik VS Feshion Week

Piramid Paradox (Verona) public art performance a cura di Beyond Gallery

FUORISALONE (Milano) live painting

write4abruzzo (Torino) asta (catalogo)

Revolution street jam (Torino) evento internazionale di graffiti.

Write for food (Milano) group exhibition,live painting, by Gianluca Gaudio.

APERTA-MENTE 2009 (Alessandria) graffiti art show

Street Fever 2009-2008-2005(Romano di Lombardia) graffiti event.

CMYK (Pisa) evento internazionale di graffiti-art

URBAIN PAINTING (Carugate MI) live painting per la mostra internazionale di arte contemporanea e street-art URBAN PAINTING

Writers alla Ribalta (Milano) evento internazionale di graffiti che accompagnava la mostra “Vuote a Rendere” BY galleria Arte2

Meeting of styles international graffiti event (Winterthur-Swiss, Paris-France, Milan and Padova-Italy)

Subliminal art event (Genova) Live painting

Image in Action (Bergamo) Sreet art and graffiti perfomance

Spray art convention 2008-2006 (Pontedera- Pisa) graffiti event.

Write for food (Milano) esposizione collettiva e live painting,con asta

IL VIAGGIO Vigonza-Pianiga (in provincia di Padova).

ALTRO TAGLIO NABA Nuova Accademia Belle Arti MILANO-live painting.

Friend of Friends (garbagnate-MI) international street art event.

Spazzi Periferici (Milano) live painting
Elementi sotteranei (Gemona del Friuli)-live painting.

StreetAttitudes (Torino)-international graffiti event.

catalog: IDEE NEL VENTO,MEDIA RELIQUAE 2011 (SOLO EXHIBITION CATALOG), SAM2013, BEYOND THE CITY WALLS, MUTI ARCANI, FIAT 500 CONTEMPORARY ART MEETING, Premio Centro 2010,Design for Charity, AAM-Arte Accessibile Milano, MEDIA RELIQUIAE, AR[t]CEVIA 10, Anni00, Catalogo WRITE4ABRUZZO, Catalogo AR[t]CEVIA 09, Catalogo SATURARTE09, Catalogo “TVTB” Museo Civico di Monza, only for fame, URBAN PAINTING XMAS SHOW, Artefutura, Tuscia Arte Contemporanea

magazine: speciale FF3300, speciale STYLE BUSTERS, Indole, speciale Subliminal Art, Urban, Juxtapoz , Ride the Beast.

newspaper: Corriere di Brescia, Il Notiziario, Settegiorni, Corriere della Sera, Vivi Milano,La Repubblica

television: special OCCUPY DEEJAY, special “Porto Franco – Arteinvestimenti”, Raptur ALLMUSIC, MTV, Studio Aperto Italia1, TVN televisionet, Raitunes



BIBLIOTECA D’AVERIO, Milan, private collection by Philipe D’Averio ( historian and art critic)


2016  Diffusione di Materia, Martina’s Gallery Milan curated by Martina Corbetta and Fabio Weik

2015  NO URBAN, Vision Gallery Milan (best Italy graffuturism exhibition)

2014 IDEE NEL VENTO, Several urban artists and illustrators of national importance have painted a series of sails creating an exhibition Giant / traveling alone will bring you around the seas with wind energy, San Benedetto del Tronto Italy curated by Enrico Testino and Fabio Weik

2012  BEYOND THE CITY WALLS Palazzo Orsini curated by Michele Wad and Fabio Weik

2010  BEYOND THE CITY WALLS Palazzo Orsini curated by Valentina Laneve and Fabio Weik

Microsoft, ETISALAT, ENVIRONMENT FORNITURE , Ducatimille, A.C.Milan, DOXA, Duepuntozero, 9visions art gallery, MISSONIs.p.a., Televisionet, Macef, Agatha Ruiz della Prada, D&K, PromotionExpo, EPS, FieraMilano, Semens, Autofiera Torino, NABA, Smart, SET CLUB, LUST staff.


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