Fabio Weik, was born in Milan in 1984.

The strong passion for painting is accompanied by one for photography and it began as a child, until it exploded in 1997 when he discovered the world of writing.

A constant commitment, study and training led him to participate in international events graffiti becoming one of the best exponents of the national graffiti.

With years of experience in the control of the spray, developed his technique oncanvas, without neglecting the metropolitan area, participated in numerous private exhibitions, gaining support from the public and professionals.

Participates in the implementation of major events, such as the Macef

for the designer Agatha Ruiz della Prada, Arts Access up to lead with one of his pieces at the Milan Triennale design museum

In 2006 he was approached by several Italian municipalities, establishing a strong collaboration; performing public works, painting large areas and giving an architectural aesthetic improvement creating a great reputation for himself. It’s a good example of how to do graffiti, it may be deemed to be preventive art against urban decay.

He began to be known to a wide audience and attend events increasingly important within the national and international art scene, thanks to its “early” artistic maturity; we find him at the Milan Triennale “Bovisa in line” with a wallpaint of 200 square meters up to the PAC, Pavilion of Contemporary Art museum in Milan, at the now famous “Street Art Sweet Art”. Weik collaborating with NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts Milan), performing in live painting and teaching interventions and he starts by setting up relationships with exciting Italian galleries.

In 2008 he exhibited at ARTSHOT08 and a few months later he attained the 1st prize in the competition of contemporary art Guidizzolo in Art.

The merits extend not only in the context of the street-art, but also in the circuits of contemporary art; in 2009 we find him at ‘International art contest ART [t] CEVIA, is the famous competition SATURARTE of Genoa.

His art covers: from metropolitan areas to private and public spaces, canvases, up to the high fashion garments, dress people, in fact, in 2009 Fabio Weik leads first graffiti in the world of high fashion: it is chosen for artistic interventions on the heads of the fall collection MISSONI establishing such a unique collaboration with Angela Missoni and its designers.

In 2010 Synergies bi- personnel whose protagonists Dies and Weik in the famous and imposing Fabbrica Borroni , a private museum of contemporary art, he imposes its cultural maturity , presenting installations and pictorial strong works and great interactivity with the audience and the presentestablished a strong friendship with the historian collector Eugenio Borroni.

Thanks to the collaboration with the gallery space Solferino in Milan and Victoria gallery of Rome, Weik appears in several art fairs (Affordable Art Fair, MIART) and in Design Museum in Milan.

In 2011 he works with men of culture and Italian art historians such as Philippe Daverio, Paul Berti, and with major marketing companies.

His works have been exhibited together with famous artists like Andy Warhol, Mimmo Rotella, Alda Merino, Obey but not for this he leaves out the most undergraund environments, continuing to intervene in metropolitan areas, shaking links with some of the cultural foundations and national and international galleries.

He currently works and lives in Milan, he is a project manager at the Centro Cultural Association Award and curator of artistic events on the graffuturism as “Beyond the city walls” (residence and international collective of artists) working with galleries in Milan, Dubai, NewYork, Paris, Spain and Australia.



2015 OPERE PLURALI, GRAZIANO gallery curated by Ottavio Tozzo, Milan (Two-Person Exhibition with sculptor by Giuliano Giuliani)

2014 Hourses HeART, Art Gallery in Dubai International Horse Fair

2013 IV Art Contemporary Exhibition for Fondazione Premio Centro, Orsini Palace, Viterbo Italy curated by Paolo Berti

2013 I giovedì del Daverio, Philippe Daverio’s House curated by Elena Gregori Daverio and Marco Teseo (Spazio Solferino gallery)

2013 MADinITALY, Enim Artists gallery, Blanca, Spain
2012 Hearts Bones and Indifference, privat event for Giampietro Gioielli (luxury jewels

showroom), Peschiera del Garda Italy, curated by 9visionsart gallery

2011 MEDIA RELIQUIAE, XL COMBINES gallery, art-design district Milan Italy curated by Giuseppe Iavicoli.

2010 SINERGIE, Fabbrica BORRONI contemporary museum, Milan Italy, Biennale Nord Ovest Milano curated by Doct. Fiordalice Sette (Two-Person Exhibition with video installation, Dies Otolab).

2010 TESTE NEL PALLONE Milan point gallery ( privat event for A.C. MILAN soccer team) curated Dott.ssa Valentina Laneve

2010 START-UP solo exhibition e live painting, Museo Fotografia Contemporanea, Cinisello Balsamo,curated by Matteo Balduzzi

2010 ATELIER24ORE (Milano)- solo exhibition live painting presso a cura di Dott.ssa Valentina Laneve.

2009 SPRAY, 9visionsart gallery, Verona Italy curated by Nicolò Sandri.




2015 NO URBAN, Vision Gallery Milan curated by Fabio Weik, (best Italy graffuturism exhibition)

2015 Scusate il Disturbo, PAC Contemporary art Pavilon Milan curated by IL VOLO foundation and auction by Sotheby’s, (best Italy graffuturism exhibition)

2015 Mostra d’arte contemporanea, Casacanditella Municipality Palace,curated by

Michele di Giuseppe and Paolo Berti.

2015 ITINERE, Orsini Palace, Viterbo Italy, curated by Paolo Berti
2015 LO SPIRITO DELLE DONNE, Orsini Palace, Viterbo Italy curated by Paolo Berti AND

Vittoria Gallery (rome Italy)
2015 CORNER DESIGN,spazio VOGH, Milan Design Week, Milan Italy curated by Giuseppe Iavicoli

2014 IDEE NEL VENTO, Several urban artists and illustrators of national importance have painted a series of sails creating an exhibition Giant / traveling alone will bring you around the seas with wind energy, San Benedetto del Tronto Italy curated by Enrico Testino and Fabio Weik

2014 PRISM, COLD KRUSH gallery, Unley, SA, Australia 2013 MADinITALY, Enim Artists gallery, Blanca, Spain

2013 “DART HUMAN FENER”, Combinens XL gallery, Milan Italy, curated by Giuseppe Iavicoli

2013 XXxXX (20×20), Studio D’Ars gallery, Milan Italy

2013 BASILIO CASCELLA Prize, Castello del Verginese “Delizia Estense”, Portomaggiore , Ferrara.

2013 LOVERISMO, Spazio Bugatti gallery curated by Giuseppe Iavicoli

2012 and 2011 BEYOND THE CITY WALLS, Orsini’s Catle curated by Fabio Weik e Michele Wad Caporossi

2012 MUTI ARCANI (traveling exhibition) Combine XL Gallery(MI), BR1 Gallery(PE), Pow Gallery(TO) curated by Alessandro Icardi

2012 INSIDE MARILYN (traveling exhibition) Combine XL Gallery(MI), BR1 Gallery(PE), Pow Gallery(TO) curated by Alessandro Icardi

2012 How do you feel Today? Antemprima art temporary Museum, Bari Italy curated by Michele Wad

2011 Il Linguaggio del Corpo, Atena gallery, Como Italy, curated by Silvia Ceffa 2011 La percezione del vuoto, Spazio Moderno, Arona Italy, curated by Silvia Ceffa

2011 FIAT 500 CONTEMPORARY ART MEETING, SPAZIO CONCEPT, Milan Italy, curated by Giuseppe Iavicoli

2006 Street art Sweet art, PAC (contemporary art pavilion Milan) curated by Alessandro Riva.



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